5 Questions with Shawn Stuckey

I meet Shawn through a good friend of mine Kevin Bruinsma, he told me about Shawn and his work and how he was a pretty cool guy. Once Kevin handed me his business card I was sure that it was going to be a great connection. I checked out his site and learned a little more about him, then shot him and email and said what’s up. And just like that the conversation started to flow and now I will be meeting him today to discuss who really has the hottest hair in the game ;). This week I share with you my connection and now yours; Shawn Stuckey. Enjoy.

My name is Shawn Stuckey, and as a matter of fact I answer this exact question on my site. Here’s the link.

If you don’t feel like leaving this blog, (and I don’t blame you) I’ll summarize. I’m a self-motivated graphic designer constantly learning and growing so that I can expand the language of design. I work in identity, print, Illustration, informational web, large format signage, and video.

I am also a husband, father, home brewer, Blackhawk fan, and nano reef (small marine aquarium) hobbyist. If you click on the Nemo sketch on my homepage, it will take you to my Tank thread on a site that I frequently give advice or witty left-handed remarks to fellow hobbyist.

Every other Monday I try to make the Pint Ride from the Trek store in Schererville  to the Crown Brewery in Crown Point. It is getting cold out, so I  may just board up until April. On Saturdays you can find me at open skate at Midwest Ice Arena in Dyer trying to build my hockey skillz back up so I can keep up with my son, who was named “Hockey Student of the Month” in September.

I am currently working with the non-profit “The Sunny Project” to develop their corporate identity. It started out as an illustration job for a children’s book. As that book made its way into other countries and languages an idea was born. Now it has become “The Sunny Project” which ensures that disadvantaged children have the resources they need for educational success throughout the world.

Well, no one likes a braggart. That, and the truth is I don’t know all the creatives in NWI to confidently say I am all that different.One thing I do know is I have the best hair. I challenge you (the reader) to show me one NWI creative with a better hairstyle than me. Some of the ladies have come close. The guys, forget about it. No one can touch my mad style in the rat nest department.
Shawn Stuckey :: 1 | Everybody else :: 0.
Keep your eyes open, Keep learning, challenge yourself, and never allow your ability to grow stagnant. Protect your work environment to facilitate your creativity. Then find a way to “turn off” at the end of the day and decompress. That way you can stay hungry and excited.If you work in Photoshop, learn how to make a selection. Learn several ways to make a selection. Learn the best, most efficient way to make that selection, and then be willing to change and adapt those methods.Look at movie posters and magazine covers from the mid 90’s compared to now. It amazes me that the mask job around the subject’s hair was ever acceptable back then. But fact is, the designer had a limited amount of time and made the most of it with the capabilities of the tools at the time. And that looked good… then. Now we have “refine edge” in our pocket, which is great, but don’t rely on it. It won’t always work in your favor. Try the alpha channel technique, onOne has a pretty sweet plug in, dive into the 3rd party bag of tricks. Don’t limit yourself. Push your tools past their own capabilities. At least try.You’ll never grow stagnant. You’ll stay hungry and excited.Well in Photoshop anyway. We won’t dive into the rest of the creative suite today.

1. photoshopusertv.com (well at least weekly)
2. istockphoto.com (obviously)
3. sxc.hu (when the budgets tight)
4. logolounge.com (I love these books, nice brand education and inspiration)
5. chicagoblackhawks.com (especially after a loss… Toews better tell me what happened!)
6. nano-reef.com (as stated above, see question 2)
7. Disneyworld.com (ahh… vacation come February)
8. miracletwentyone.org (for inspiration… Come on now, that’s how you got here) At least, that is what Google Chrome currently has listed as my top 8…

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