Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process – Review

I dove into this ebook head first, as soon as I read the first line: “No one cares about your ideas.”- Paul Arden, I knew this was going to be something that would hold my interest far beyond a normal book.

I’m from the school of thought; that the idea is everything and that you can find any old monkey to do the technical part of a project. A bad idea with great creative around is still a bad idea.

I read on and began to see what Hogan was talking about – the creative process and all the work behind it. I mean the extremely large amount of work behind it. I often forget how much work goes into the ideas and solutions that we bring to life. In this ebook, Blake exposes the ins and outs of what makes good projects great projects. From “scratching” to getting “unstuck”, he talks about the way he has cultivated creativity over the years, with practical exercises that any creative can put to use immediately. It was refreshing to see the behind the scene thinking that goes into his work and thought process. He shares personal story’s to illustrate the concepts that he talks about. From starting out as an actor and becoming successful, to leaving acting to purse another path. It’s something that creative folks can appreciate.

At times it’s a personal story, other times it’s a blunt smack in the face. The roller coaster ride of reflection, teaching and a call to action, made me not want to put this down. I loved how he opened each chapter with a short intro, which at times felt like a warning or a dare to read on. He talks about inner work and how important it is. Having a deep understanding of ones self goes far beyond our profession and what we do. I was surprised to come across this in a book about the creative process, it was very meaningful and I feel, added a lot of value.

To wrap this up, this is a well rounded book, filled with great insight. From facing failure and knowing how to deal with it; to understanding it’s all worth it in the end. I’d recommend any creative person to pick this up and read and reference it often.

Blake Hogan writes,

It is the artist’s job to accept that the work will be very, very hard; to understand the importance of deep reflection, and fight the forces of fear and resistance, all in the name of filling blank pages and creating beauty.

After 12 years as a professional actor and now as a creative director at Willow Creek Community Church, Blaine lives with his wife and daughter, Ruby, outside of Chicago. @blainehogan // www.blainehogan.com

To purchase this ebook and to watch Blake talk about this project visit creativecollective.is


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