5 Questions with Amy Dosen

I first came to know of Amy through the INsight Design Conference, she registered to attend and shot me an email and I remembered  her ever since. She came to the event and ended up winning best portfolio. I thought it was really cool that a local (Dyer) resident took home the honors. It just showed that we have some great up and coming talent in NWI and it was nice to highlight her with such a reward. I started to follow her on twitter and I think she is just an all around cool person (anyone who digs A Tribe Called Quest is) and I’m glad to showcase her in this weeks 5 question interview. Enjoy.

I’m an artist, student, tech geek, and hedgehog lover. I’m currently a senior at DePaul University, where I study Art & Design. I grew up in Dyer, IN, and I fell in love with Adobe InDesign after working on my high school’s newspaper. I’m currently trying to tackle the crazy world of web design and meet other creatives.

Besides being a full time honors student, I am a Specialist at the North Michigan Avenue Apple Store. I am also the lead Graphic Designer for the DePaul University Office of Student Involvement. I am a proud member of the Delta Eta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, of which I am currently the Public Relations Chairman and the Web Design Chairman; I am also President of the Rho Lambda Panhellenic Honors Society at DePaul. When I’m not busy being a nerdy college girl, I’m usually watching b-list movies on Netflix, reading comics, or playing with my pet hedgehog.

I don’t know what makes me different, but I know what makes me me. I’m tenacious and hardworking, I love to learn new things, and I am never afraid to try something new. I love clean design, working collaboratively, and publication design.

Being a young creative entering the industry myself, I would say to seek out opportunities for self-growth and self-promotion. If you only learn about design from the classroom, you’ll have a hard time transitioning after college. Get out, attend meet-ups, conferences, and gallery openings, and get talking! You’ll meet amazing people who are willing to help you break into the industry, and you’ll make some new friends along the way.

Whenever I hit a mental roadblock, I grab a Vanilla Coke and listen to A Tribe Called Quest. Instant design magic.

Website | Behance | Twitter


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