5 Questions with April Burford

I first met April a few years ago when I worked on the materials for the Munster Blues and Jazz fest. She designed the special section for that event. Her work with The Times over the years is something that I always look out for; she is a great designer and her work is viewed by so many people across the Region. I’m pleased to showcase April as this weeks 5 question interview. Enjoy.

My name is April Burford. I work at The Times Media Company. I have worked in the advertising department for over 9 years and was recently moved to the media center. I have experience in designing ads for newspaper, magazines and online, as well as, various marketing materials, from logos, business cards to billboards. My main specialty is layout design and has been for several years. I create most of the magazines and special sections that our company produces.

I am an artist through and through. I have been since I could pick up a crayon. I paint, draw, and am an avid photographer. I am a very quite person, and have always expressed myself through art. I also like to do crafts. I make jewelry and want to learn how to crochet. I aspire to one day write and illustrate a children’s book — it’s been my dream since elementary school. I have sketchbooks filled with little characters. I try to doodle everyday. I also love nature and gardening. Flowers tend to be the main subject of both my photos and messy art projects.

I went to Valparaiso University thinking that I was going to be a zoologist, but I ended up getting an art scholarship instead. That sealed my fate. I have strong skills with color and am very passionate about typography. I believe that all fonts have their own personality, some can be friends, others just don’t mingle well. I am a very creative and positive person. Sometimes I get very clear visions of what things need to look like, other times it’s all serendipity. I find great joy when working with other creative people — it’s my element. I like to have fun with my designs and I try to add a bit of whimsy to everything that I do.

I believe in giving more than a 110% in everything you do. Always produce work you can be proud of. When I’m on a tight deadline I go into “bonzai design” mode to crank stuff out, but I never give up on quality. Have confidence in your design skills. A client may have their own idea about how they want things to look and may be very vocal about that, but you are the designer. You may need to comprise at somethings, but have confidence in what you know. Never stop learning, weather it’s having discussions with other artists, doing web research, or taking classes.

When I am at work I don’t listen to too much music. It never fails that right when I put my headphones on I get a phone call or someone comes by to ask me a question. I like to listen to “the sounds of the office” (no that is not a new band). There are some pretty interesting things going on throughout the work day, it’s kind of like a humm of the dynamic interactions of my co-workers. When I do get the rare opportunity to listen to music I enjoy listening to: The Script, Counting Crows, Sister Hazel, Train, Outkast, Better Than Ezra, Incubus, Snow Patrol or Patti Griffin to name a few. I really like an eclectic mix of older and newer music. My beetle only has a tape player, so when I am driving I am at the mercy of the radio, so that  influences my musical choices.

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