5 Questions with Ryan Wake

I first met Ryan through a random email that he sent me a couple years ago asking me to check out his website. Our paths would later cross at the INsight Design Conference and through a couple mutual friends. He has spoken to my class about the industry a couple times and is a talent creative that shines bright in NWI. I’m excited to share his great work and showcase Ryan as this weeks’ 5 question interview. Enjoy.

My name is Ryan Wake. I am a designer, artist, coder, husband, father and part time nerd. I grew up in Muncie and went to Ball State. I graduated in 2000 with a BFA with a specialization in Graphic Design. After graduation I moved to Indianapolis, married my best friend, and gained my design chops. We moved to the Region in 2005 and currently reside in Crown Point.  Every day I take my talents to Valpo to work my days away with a great team at Golden Technologies. I have been with Golden for the past three years, creating websites, logos, application design, user interfaces, and the occasional print collateral.

Being the father of 2 young girls does not leave me with a lot of free time for side projects but I do have a couple of goals for 2011. I would like to redesign my personal website and update the projects there, while adding a blog. I plan to write about html, css, html5, css3 and just any tips or tricks I come across in my daily travels. In addition, I am collaborating with Teresa Zorzi on a mentor program for local designers. This is very early going, but we hope to have this more developed in the next few months.

Experience. Through the different companies I have worked with, I have a ton of different design experience. I started out as full time print designer at a small studio in Indianapolis. I was able to learn and experience a lot of design such as POP display, Product 3D Illustration, Digital Photography, Logo Design and Brochure Design. In addition to that,  I have experience working with print shops, digital photographers, touch up artists, package design and now the web. So, I believe that I am different in that I am a designer that fully transitioned from a print designer to a web designer. Now, I create websites and work with the web everyday and love it.

Your talent got you where you are, but your technical skills are what you will gain with experience. Listen to your colleagues. Look for and accept new challenges. You never know where your passion might be. It’s easy to say that design is your passion, and  forget what brought you to be a designer. Taking any new challenge that comes along could awaken a passion in something that you had long forgotten.

Favorite Music to work to: it’s very diverse. Under tight deadlines I like to work to faster music, like Rob Zombie, Disturbed, or Drowning Pool. When I am trying to be creative, I really dig on the mellow stuff, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and Bob Dylan. When I just working, I listen to everything from classic rock, old school western, early 90’s hip hop and the occasional 80’s hairband. Like I said, pretty diverse, if not a little weird.

Website | Twitter


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