The Fathers of My Life

It’s been awhile since I created a piece of art that really hit home for me. Faith Church put out a challenge for artist to create a piece of artwork based off of a memorable moment in their life. It didn’t matter if that moment was good or bad as long as it was a moment that made a impact in the artist life.

That was a tough brief to create around, I’ve had so many moments that were life changing, devastating, joyful and monumental. I didn’t know which one to pick that was worthy of being turned into a piece of art. I thought long and hard about this and throughout my life  and at different moments in my life the common factor for each moment was that I always had some type of father figure in my life at that particular moment. And at times it was the lack of a father figure that made moments in my life what they turned out to be. From the time I was a little boy I could remember having a father figure in my life that had some type of influence on me. I believe that God puts people in each of our lives at the moments we need them the most. Be it a father figure or someone else, each of us have people that come into our lives for a particular reason or purpose.

This drawing is dedicate to the those that have helped me. Some in the smallest ways and others with life altering impact. I thank them for help shaping me into the person I am.

Raul Gonzalez, Jr., Raul Gonzalez, Sr., Ken Tomal, Joseph Perez, Louis Tzavaras, Ernest Brown, RayAnn, Courtney Campbell, David Torrez, Joe Dascenzo, Bob Bower and Craig Arnold.



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