5 Questions with Teresa Zorzi

A long time friend and amazing designer, I first met Teresa at INsight. She went home a big winner and a new perspective on the industry. She has continued to challenge herself with new projects and new roles, her current position at Golden Technologies is just another way she is staying on top of her game. I’m pleased that Teresa is this weeks 5 question interviewee! Enjoy.

I’m a passionate designer, enthusiastic wife, lifelong learner and mom to a four-legged munchkin. I believe in karma, love to eat and exercise. My mom always told me to do what I love and love what I do. Even though I followed the advice of my mom, I still live to travel and explore new places. I am loyal to my friends and family and am known for being honest.

A graduate of Marquette University and The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, I am a huge fan of NCAA basketball, in particular the Marquette Golden Eagles.

Currently, I hold the position of Graphic Designer at Golden Technologies, where I translate my passion for design into websites, while I learn to get a handle on crunching code. Another hat that I enjoy putting on at Golden, is being a guest blogger on the Golden Blog. It allows me to explore various aspects of the industry, have a voice and educate the public.

In whatever freetime I have left after all of that, I freelance under the name TZesigns, where I specialize in invitations and announcements of all types. Celebrating other peoples’ joys in life inspires me and reminds me that life is a true blessing!

Besides freelancing and spending time with my hubby and dog, I am currently on the Leadership Team for the INsight Design Conference. I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for people I’ve met in the industry that have taken time to mentor me. So in an effort to give back, I have become a mentor through the Marquette University College of Business. I have a passion for mentoring and will continue to strive to help others succeed.

Although I believe that many of us ‘creative’ types are similiar in many ways, I have a unique educational experience that gives me a different type of view point on the industry. Not only do I have the design side of my brain, but combine that with the marketing part and it’s an explosion of goodness.

Network, network, network. Shake some hands. Find a mentor. Attend events. Get out from behind that computer, use your hands and your brains to think through a problem your presented. The computer is only a ‘tool’ in our ‘tool box’. It’s all about your ideas and how you think. Continue to push your abilities and your mind.

I switch it up quite a bit and am always looking for new music. Music is the soundtrack of my life. I listen to a huge array of music anything from my absolute favorite band DMB, to Michael Buble, Nappy Roots, Madonna, Kanye West, Vertical Horizon, Saves the Day, Counting Crows and pretty much everything in between.

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