5 Questions with Erinn Hecht

I first came across pepperbrook design while doing a google search for NWI graphic designers. It was nice to see someone come up who I never heard of. I checked out her site and her work. From there I started to follow her on twitter and event twitted “who is pepperbrook design? I’d like to meet you.” or something like that. After some searching around I was determined, so with great joy and a little persistence I present to you this week’s 5 questions with Erinn Hecht. Enjoy.

I’m Erinn Hecht and I pretty much eat, breath, and sleep design. I’m the President/Creative Director of Pepperbrook Design and I started this company about a year ago after outgrowing the agency I previously worked for. I’ve been doing this design thing for about 8 years and every day I learn something new or find myself getting better at something. I run Pepperbrook as a business rather than myself as freelancer because it allows me to separate work from my personal life a little bit more.

When I’m not focusing my attention on work, I’m chasing after a two year old or spending time with my husband.  Life can be a whirlwind sometimes so I try to make sure to enjoy activities with them as a family as much as possible.

It’s very rare these days to find a designer that can also code and copywrite. Well, I do it all. I design for print, I design and develop for the web, I do SEO and I also write. A lot of people don’t realize how important every aspect of that is and I pride myself on that because it’s taken a lot of hard work to become the creative workforce that I am today. Because of these qualities as a whole, I’m able to get involved in projects on a personal level. I like to build relationships with my clients because it always produces a better outcome. I find out what’s at the core of people when designing for them and I focus on that. I don’t like to create anything that looks or feels too ‘corporate’ either because it’s cold and my ultimate goal is to make this world a happier place by making people like what they’re looking at.  I want to evoke some kind of emotion in everything  I produce.

I live by two general rules when it comes to my artwork and my business: Don’t be afraid of color and believe in what you do. My advice for the next generation of aspiring designers is to stand up for what you believe in and follow your heart when it comes to being creative. If your soul isn’t showcased in what you produce, then you’re no better than the others. You have to make yourself stand out by putting your own style on it which will in turn create your own identity.

I was previously sharing office space with another business so I’ve gotten used to not working to music.  It was sometimes calming to not have background noise because it allowed me to focus completely on the task at hand.  At the moment though, I’m sitting on my living room couch listening to songs from a Nickelodeon show. They’re pretty upbeat which keeps me pumped for awhile.  As for inspiration, the originality of those songs can bring quite a bit!

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