5 Questions with Dan Vos

I first met Dan at a Catalyst night at Faith Church a couple years ago and he was really cool, and still, is for the record. We later reconnected at the INsight Design Conference as he made his way through our paper rock scissors tournament. These good times, finally lead us to working together on a project where we first meet, a Catalyst website. Funny how life brings people full circle. I’m pleased to feature Dan and his talents as this weeks 5 Question feature. Enjoy.

I’m Dan Vos, a 26 year old web/graphic designer. I work full time at Digital Target Marketing pushing pixels and crunching code.  In my spare time I do freelance design and code. I love designing and the challenge it brings to my life.  Pairing of fonts, color schemes, and pattern combinations all excite me.

I really enjoy photography.  I love capturing the beauty of nature, the small details that others overlook, the hidden world.  My new found organic diet has been an adventure and I’m starting to plunge into how to do it well.

I desire to bring delight to my customers.  One of the best feelings about being a designer is seeing a customer’s delight in the finished product.  That’s what I strive for, when the final meeting has been finished  and I walk away knowing that they are pleased with the final product.  Also, I am a huge sci-fi fan.

Never be satisfied with were you are at, always keep on striving to get to the next level in your design.  I know it’s cliche, but keep on learning.  Design, especially web design, is an ever changing landscape.  Be open to criticism of fellow design peers. Personally I know it’s hard to let another person in on your design before it’s finished, but an outside eye can be really helpful.  If you are in a design funk don’t forget to be human, interact with others, go for a walk, grab a drink of water.

Currently, Ray Lamontague, Ratatat, Animal Collective, Vampire Weekend, Temper Trap, Florence + The Machine.  My mainstays are Arcade Fire, Muse, Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens. When I’m up at 2:00 the night before a deadline it’s all Trance music.  I absolutely love music, it drives me.

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