Adjusting Your Brushes on the Fly

Click Here to watch the screencast on

Check out this cool keyboard short cut in photoshop. It’s better to see it in action then it is to tell you about it in text form. For those of you who know it already tell others! It’s super cool and a lovely time saver. Pass it on!

**DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE** The link above will not work. I have reached my monthly bandwidth on my Jing account so you’ll have to wait until the 24th to view this again.

In the mean time here is the short cut. Hold down Control + Option and click your mouse button (all while you have your brush tool active) once you hold down those two buttons. Click and hold down on your mouse. You’ll notice that on screen your brush turned red. Now this is how you adjust your brush size. With everything held down, move your mouse to the left or right to increase or decrease your brush size. With the same buttons held move your mouse up or down to increase or decrease the hardness of your brush.

There you have it. Enjoy.


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