5 Questions with Mathew Siecker

I first cross paths with Mathew by way of Twitter after he started to follow me. It wasn’t until some time later that his mother mentioned to me who he was. I checked out his site and was happy and amazed with the work that the Villing and Company team was doing, and to be located as close as South Bend, just only made it better. I’m happy to introduce you all to Mathew in this weeks 5 questions. Enjoy.

I’m a designer, father, husband, mac lover, DMB follower, Cubs fan, wanna be photographer (this probably could go on forever) I’m really just a down to earth, outgoing person that gets along with mostly everyone. I grew up in Merrillville, went to Indianapolis to try my hand at college football(University of Indianapolis) but wound up finding out I was destined to become a designer. I moved back to the region in 2006 and currently reside in Valparaiso. I’m married to my high school sweetheart Nicole and we have a beautiful daughter Addison who turns 2 in May. Currently I’m an Art Director at Villing & Company in South Bend. We have a very diverse client base, so I’m able to work on a plethora of different mediums like broadcast, website design, corporate ID and complete marketing campaigns.

I do a limited amount of freelance, but have been able to help out my former football coach in continuing his Region Weightlifting Competition(12th annual). With close to 300 participants, mostly from schools in the region, this competition is truly one-of-a-kind for this area. This year I helped out with t-shirts and signage, but hope to implement a new website design for next years event. I also enjoy being outdoors. My wife and I love to go camping and enjoy time with family and friends.

I have a ken eye for the details that can take a project from average to outstanding.

My best advice would be to make sure to intern with a company or two in order to get a feel for what part of this industry best suits your skills. So much of this business is being able to adapt your specific traits and styles into something that can be sold. Because design tends to be such a subjective process it is important to always have a reasoning behind anything and everything you create. Pretty pictures/designs sometimes get shot down, but a pretty picture with a compelling story behind it has a much better chance of standing up in the face of criticism.

I’m a huge fan of an internet radio station called WeFunk. It blends old school funk with old and new school hip hop from all walks of life. It’s sure to get you bouncin’ in your chair. Love it. The app is great for your iphone/ipod.

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2 thoughts on “5 Questions with Mathew Siecker

  1. @Joe – Love this 5 questions you started, has made me become more familiar w/ the talent we have in the area. I thought I knew a majority of the talent or was on some level aware of it, but I am WRONG.

    @Matt – I’m diggin’ WEFUNK! Thanks! Hope to keep up w/ you on twitter and in the community.

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