5 Questions with Kevin Bruinsma

I met Kevin more than three years ago. By chance my mother-in-law handed him my card and told him about me. In true mother-in-law fashion, Kevin wasn’t impressed and my card got put to the bottom of “Dr. Awesome’s” pile. It wasn’t until sometime later that we connected and I’ve been impressed by his talents and drive ever since. Kevin continues to be a talented force in Northwest Indiana and is constantly pushing the envelope. Enjoy.

I am a husband, father, and artist. I live in Crown Point, Indiana. I was born and raised in West Michigan and moved to Indiana in 2003. I married a beautiful woman, who is way out of my league and we currently have one daughter and we just found out that we will be blessed with twin girls in the spring. I am currently the Visual Communications Director for Faith Church. I get to use my creativity in a number of different ways from making short films, art directing live multi-sensory theater productions, print design, marketing campaigns…the list goes on. Faith Church is very innovative and willing to take creative risks. That’s one of the reasons my job is so fun and why I have been there for eight years. I also take on a few freelance gigs here and there to fuel my hobbies and reckless endeavors. For example, my 97 Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle, which I know nothing about other than the fact that it makes me feel good when I drive it fast.

I have a sick addiction to screen-printing. My friend Dale and I started a little t-shirt line called Drifter Threads. It’s mainly popular in our small circle of friends, but we get a kick out of hanging out in his basement pulling ink. We recently purchased a four-color press and look forward to mastering it.

I also am part of the leadership team for the Community Arts Center (CAC) in Cedar Lake. We have had a number of shows for local artists, hosted creative events, and have been a hub for community art projects.

I am also proud to say that I am the co-founder of the INsight Design Conference. It’s an annual event that Joseph Gonzalez and I started to support the local design community in Northwest Indiana.

I love making the people around me successful.

Meet people in the industry, not just online, actually shake their hand. Find a mentor(s) and ask a lot of questions and take their advice. Shut down the computer and create something with your hands. Trust me, it will make you a better designer.

Right now it’s Ratatat, Minus the Bear, Radiohead, Monsters of Folk, and Mute Math. If I really need to pump some stuff out, I’ll get double shot raspberry white mocha and crack up Pendulum. Then I become unstoppable.

Visit Kevin’s website: www.kevinbruinsma.com | Follow Kevin on Twitter | Friend on Facebook


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