Music Makes the World Go Round

La, la, la, la, la…music, each and every day I need and love the sound of music. It moves me, motivates me and drives me to create some of my most compelling work. A day without any music is a sad day indeed. I feel like many of us creatives use music to stir up ideas and emotions that we can use in our work and projects. I use music to get into a mind state. Sometimes the rhythm strikes me, sometimes its a lyric or verse and other times it’s the meaning of the song. While working on long projects, I will create a playlist before I start. Depending on the type of work I am doing I’ll pick music to counter the task at hand. Maybe its techno, for mindless typesetting, or maybe it’s r&b for retouching.

Whatever the case from Alica Keys to Beck, my harmonic pallet does not discriminate. I’m not a foo foo record snob, that only listens to indie bands or ultra “cool” rockers. I could care less, if it sounds good, its good for me. Having an open mind musically will translate creatively more than you know. It’s like food, try it, if you don’t like it – spit it out, but at least you tried it. While working on the St. Mary Medical history book, there were days when I would get a lot of pages done and days when I could barely open the file. I realized that the days that I got a lot done were days that I listen to my favorite songs. I was never more inspired then I was during that project. My eyes were opened to new ideas and every turn was an adventure. The project had its ups and downs but each step of the way had a song to go with it.

Here is sample of my playlist:

Alicia Keys: Unthinkable

Usher: There Goes My Baby

Train: For Me It’s You

Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happeness

Robin Thick: Can You Believe

Josh Kelly: Home To Me

Pixies: Where is My Mind

Jason Mraz: Tonight Not Again

Marie Digby: Feel

Maxwell: Pretty Wings

Angel Taylor: Chai Tea Latte

GirlTalk: Roskilde Fest

What kind of music do you listen to? Is it different from project to project or is it the same all the time? Comment below, I’d love to “hear” what you have to say. Post links too.


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