5 Questions with Joshua Roeda

I’ve been a long time fan of Joshua and came across him and his work through mutual friends. His wedding work makes me want to get remarried again just so he can film it. He’s that good. His style and visual sense of space, rhythm and story make for an awesome combination. I’m so happy to share his great talents with you and look forward for more amazing work from Joshua in the near future. Enjoy.

My name is Josh Roeda.  I’m 27 years old from Beecher Illinois.  I run a modest freelance video/film production company called Josh Roeda Films.  I specialize in creative event coverage,  although I do also shoot short films when the opportunity arises.

My 9 to 5 is actually not operating Josh Roeda Films. I work for they family business, Roeda Signs Inc. in South Holland Illinois.  So, I guess my other projects and activities would all consist of doing video production work for Weddings and Church Events through Josh Roeda Films. This schedule allows me the freedom to choose the projects I would want to be apart of and clients I would love to work with.

I would say my background in shooting with movie film is pretty unique to the younger generation of NWI creatives.   Since 2000, I have had great fun with shooting super 8 and 16mm film stock on my collection of old movie cameras.  I had so much fun that I decided to go to school to become a cinematographer in 2003.   Although, as certain circumstances arose I ended up dropping out of film school and went on to focus on a business degree.. I know, total 180º, huh?   In 2009, when I came across the Canon 5D Mark II, it astounded me.  The quality the 5D was putting out was unseen in any camera for that kind of money.  This camera had all the cinema qualities you would want in a small camera, shallow depth of field, Full HD, etc. The 5D instantly revived my love for film work, and it was a better alternative to shooting expensive film stock and lab processing fees.  I still work with film on occasion, mostly super 8.  I would love to continue to work with all different types of film, but the lines between the benefits of shooting with film and the benefits of shooting with DSLRs are fading more and more.

If I could give any advice to a young creative entering the film/video production industry.  I would say to stay on top of technology trends.  Technology breathed life into my love for the film industry.  Caught me off guard and kept me on my toes.  Continue to CHALLENGE YOURSELF.  The next big thing could do the same for you.

I love all types of music. It really depends what type of emotion I need to coarse myself to be in.    I find I most like to work to Radiohead, Yo La Tengo & Belle & Sebastian…. currently playing: Little Joy – “Don’t Watch Me Dancing”

Joshua on Vimeo | Faith Church on Vimeo | Twitter | Facebook


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