5 Questions Series

Every day I make it a point to reach out, search for and find other creatives all over the country. It’s a great way to see what others are up to and how I stack up against others in our industry. I typically visit a person’s site, poke around a little and read their about section or background. It’s amazing how much talent is out there and I’m inspired each and every day by those all around me. Nothing inspires me more than finding great talent right in my backyard – literally.

This got me thinking…why not share all the people I come across online with everyone. The best way to meet people is through someone else. This concept is nothing new and neither is a 5 question interview. I will start off focusing on creatives right here in our Northwest Indiana. There are so many great designers, photographers, web gurus and artist in our Region. Giving them a place to shine is my goal, with an unapologetic-self-promotional-plug.

The format is simple each creative will receive 5 questions, which includes one wild card question. 5 samples and an ad-like web banner, with their interview. Top it all off with links to their sites and side projects; wrapped up and served fresh.

My hopes are that other creatives will read about these folks and want to connect with them, the way that I do. A quick email – that’s all it takes, to open up the lines of communication and continue to grow as  a community. With site’s like www.nwicreative.com and the www.INsightDesignConference.com this is just another example of fostering growth in our NWI community.

The interviews will starting Monday, Feb. 14, 2011 and each Monday after that. I have 10 confirmations so far and 20+ invites went out for my first push. If you or someone you know is a creative of any type in Northwest Indiana please send them my way and I would love to share their talents with our community. Email me at joseph@miracletwentyone.org.


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