Two Night Stand Review

n September 24 I had the pleasure of taking part of the first Two Night Stand event. The #2NS is an event where 20 creatives gather to create as many deliverables as possible for a client. That’s the shorten version of it. The event is a great way to meet other creatives and gather in community as you collaborate with one another and try to come up with some cool stuff. On the surface it was like being thrown into an Apprentice episode where teams had to create something then present it to the client. It turned out to be much more than that.

About 2 months ago I came across this event on a friends facebook wall. I clicked on the link and checked it out. I looked like a good time, I applied, hit send and forgot about. It was invite only and they were only taking 20 creatives. Being an event held in Chicago I knew the talent pool was going to be thick and I just thought “Hey why not”. A few weeks ago, I received an email stating that I was chose for the event. Yea! Very cool I was really excited to meet the other folks and to get my hand dirty.  I watched as the names rolled in and went to everyone’s website. There was a great mix of talent and experience levels, which would all make for either a great event or and epic explosion in the design community.

Friday came and I hit the road. I showed up and crossed my fingers as I parked on some sketchy side street in the Fullerton Market district. Hoping I would see my car again I walked a short block to the venue. The building was hip and housed many studios and a fancy restaurant. I took the elevator up and followed the signs to the Coop. The Coop is a collaborative working space that freelancers could rent by the day, week, or month. A space that you can come and work and be around people instead of being alone at  a coffee shop somewhere.  As I entered the door everyone was settled in and at tables I checked in with Jason, the organizer, and paid my cash. The client was a beer brewer and the event was also sponsored by Old Style so I grabbed a beer and posted up. I struck up a conversation with a bloke named Derek (who would later be my team-mate) and soaked in the atmosphere. Brick walls track lighting, exposed duct work, all the makings of a typical Chicago loft. Very cool none the less. I talked to a couple other people and then it was time for the client brief.

The two guys that make up Trencherman’s were on hand to give us the run down of their company and present state. Josh and Jason gave us a history of their small batch beer that boast flavorful ingredients and manly alcohol content. We sampled the beer and everyone was impressed. These guys had some good stuff. I felt bad for the Old Style rep, but he has to know that his beer is crap. We drank, got info and I took a million notes. It was question time and everyone weighed in. This was the first time everyone got a “taste” for who was in the room.
The gloves came off and we were off and running. The debate was light and fluffy at times but everyone weighed in. The Quite Strong girls took control and got us on track. After we discussed the client for awhile the next step was to break up into smaller groups.

In our small groups we got down to business and ironed out a game plan. I had some cool people in my group so I knew I was going to be ok. We worked for a few hours and then it was time to hit the door and come back the next morning.

Meet the team: The team worked on logos then narrowed it down to one, designed by Aaron Maurer. From there I worked on the labels for the bottles, rock star designer Ammiel Mendoza worked up an icon set that we would use on the packaging. And our ring leader and organizer Nick Terry worked on research and development.



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