NWICreative blog round up

ver so often, I contribute to the blog NWIcreative. Below are a few articles that I have written all in one place. Site Founder Atom Groom states:

The website is geared towards our entire creative community as a whole (drawing, painting, writing, design, photography, sculpture, music, etc.). NWICreative.org provides a free opportunity to post your events, write articles, interact with others and more!  It’s the first of it’s kind in our Region and we hope that you will embrace this opportunity!

You control and submit your content, we publish it – that’s the beauty of this website!

Check it out at www.nwicreative.org and follow them on twitter @nwicreative or find them on Facebook here.

Searching for Your Design Yoda

Any designer looking to grow in his or her professional life should have a mentor. The continuing education of one self is crucial to the path of personal advancement. My life has change drastically from the time I met my mentor, and has continued to change over time. Read more >

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From?

I hate that question. It’s my least favorite interview question of all time, along with “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. But really when asked this question of inspiration, most often I hear designers spit out the classic, “from everything around me” line. Well I want to know exactly what that “everything” is. Read more >

Why Artist Are Not Designers and Why Designers Are Not Artist

When I meet with art students and I ask them what they plan to do with their art, they’ll say… “I want to be a graphic designer”, like somehow being able to draw really good means that they’ll be a good designer. I think the graphic artist of the past were true artist – craftsman. Read more >

Why Does Cheap Design = Bad Design?

I often fill down time searching the web for shops in NWI that offer some type of design related service. And more times than not the correlation between low cost design (cheap $) and bad design (not Michael Jackson, Bad) goes hand and hand. Read more >

What’s the Cut Off Point?

The past two weeks I’ve had two potential clients ask me to expand my services to more of a marketing roll. Marketing in the sense of, finding ad placement, booking promotional opportunities and new/different ways to promote their services. Read more >

INsight Into a Conference

ot to long ago we ended our third INsight event, I feel like our best event-to-date. The conference will continue to evolve with each year and the more we can do to engage our creative community, we will. If people had more inside information, they might understand the work that goes into making this event what it is. Read more >

Building a Culture

What are the benefits of a creative culture?

What does it mean to live, work, play and socialize in a creative atmosphere, town or region? In the past few weeks I’ve asked myself this question in regards to a couple different situations. And I feel at times, I’ve contributed to building a creative culture and have taken away from it. Read more >

In the Trenches of a Two Night Stand

On September 24th and 25th I had the pleasure of taking part in the first Two Night Stand Event (Visit). I came across this event a couple months ago on Kel Knaga’s facebook wall. I clicked on the link, scanned the site and said what the heck, I’ll sign up. Read more >


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