A Genesis of Inspirational Community and Creativity

nnovative designers Atom Groom & Joseph Gonzalez team up to overhaul the Faith Church website, bringing both Faith’s mission of community online and creating a digital work of art.

Dyer, IN-Atom Groom (Atom Groom Design, LLC) and Joseph Gonzalez (Miracle Twenty One) are excited to announce their collaboration for Faith Church. Atom and Joseph will redesign, redevelop and re-launch the new state-of-the-art website for the Faith Church client.

“Our goal for this project is to redesign and redevelop the website with a fresh approach,” says Joseph Gonzalez.

Providing the latest tools for content management will help Faith Church reach their user base in an effective and efficient manner. It will also attract many newcomers through modern design and cutting edge technology.

“We want Faith’s online presence to reflect their mission: To grow the connected and reach the disconnected,” According to Atom Groom.

Faith Church Will Continue to Lead in Technology and Innovation.

(So many Church websites are lacking what is most important: inspiration. Most consist of templates and bland content used for quick and easy creation of a church website.)

With modern and strategic thinking, Atom Groom and Joseph Gonzalez plan to take Faith’s website to whole new levels, from design to usability to creative functionality.

Atom and Joseph first met through their collaborations with the INsight Design Conference. INsight is a conference showcasing the local NWI graphic design community-which started and is now hosted annually-by Faith Church.

From INsight, Atom and Joseph’s friendship and business partnership was born. Atom and Joe have since collaborated on many successful projects ranging from print to web design for large and small businesses throughout Northwest Indiana.

The leadership at Faith Church quickly became well aware of their professional skills and contributions to the community.

“I’m so excited and grateful to have this opportunity. Faith Church does so much for the community, the facility is outstanding, and their message is heart warming.  It’s time that their website sends the same message. We simply cannot wait to get this site live and ready for the public to use.” (Atom Groom)

“As a member of Faith Church, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to give back to the place that my family and I call home. With the broad reach of the web, Faith Church will soon be effectively represented on-line – to use my gifts to do so – is truly rewarding.” (Joseph Gonzalez)


Atom Groom Design, LLC
Atom Groom


Joseph Gonzalez



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