Fake a Photoshop soft brush effect using Illustrator

his is a quick and simple way to create various shades of color in Adobe Illustrator. Using vectors has many advantages, for an effect like this being able to scale the shapes and reuse them over and over will give you the maximum quality without all the file size. This effect can be easily created and I’ll show you how to do it in under 5 minutes.

Check out this video tutorial that I created on Jing.com and please leave comments and post something that you created with this effect. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next tutorial.

Click the image to watch this tutorial on Jing.com.


2 thoughts on “Fake a Photoshop soft brush effect using Illustrator

  1. Thank you Joseph for the helpful tutorials. You have great talent when it comes to simplified teaching instructions. Please keep them coming! I look forward to seeing many many more from you and will visit your site regularly in anticipation! Thanks again!

    • Thanks Lu,
      If you have any ideas towards what i can do next please let me know. I love doing tutorials but I’m out of ideas. If you come across something please let me know.

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