Shadows: Making an easy effect complicated in 5 min.

Click image to watch the video of this shadow tutorial.

hadows, the good the bad and the ugly of design effects can make or break a project, composition or layout. The use of drop shadows have been over used since it first release in Photoshop. People use shadows on text, photos and vectors. Done properly and with some care and attention to detail; shadows are a great way to add depth to your design.

The effect shown here is how I make all my shadows. The technique can be applied to different applications and objects. I’ll point out a few key tips and break them out as “NOTES” throughout this tutorial.

This is my first tutorial and as I go through the process, I’ll determine if this is something I want to throw my hat into. There are many tutorial sites out there, but none really cover how to properly create shadows. This tutorial is easy enough for beginners but advance users can pick up a technique or two.

The Effect (Bad): These are some bad uses of applying a shadow to an object. (Applied layer style)

Another bad example: (the old stretch and blur)

Good example: This is what we will recreate. Notice how this shadow in this example give the object space and dimension. (Shape based)

Please comment and pass this along. This is my first tutorial and it’s something that I would like to put out at least once a month, let me know what other effects, techniques and information you would like to see in the comments below. Thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing your responses below. Thanks!
(Video tutorial was created with Jing Its free and pretty easy to use. Check them out for yourself and show your support.)


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