The 41 Years in the Making

More than two years ago I sent a “cold-call” email to a local designer named, Atom Groom, asking if he would be interested in being a portfolio reviewer for the very first Insight Design Conference event. This shot in the dark would eventually lead to a successful event, a string of collaborative projects, a great friendship and a rock solid partnership. The road from, one email to being over booked with clients, is a lot more adventurous then a couple lines in a blog post; I’ll attempt to highlight some of those here, but the real meat and potatoes is the joint venture that we have developed in the form of… 41year.

The idea of 41year started sometime ago, it was initially a three man team of Atom Groom, Chase Talon and I. As this idea developed, so did the pieces of the puzzle; and then we were down to two. (*Note: The three of us would have been the design equivalent to the Miami trio that’s getting the most attention now.) The name was the first to come, with many rounds, ideas and discussion; it contains a lot of meaning and symbolism. 41 year is the combined number of years (at the moment of inception) that Atom and I have been “obsessed” with art and design. The 41 portion of the logo is built with a capital letter “A” and a letter “j” figure. The letters being the first initials in our names.

I was impressed with Atom from the moment I googled  “northwest Indiana web design” and he came up at the top of the list (and still does). I went to his site and the first thing that struck me about his work is that he is an outstanding graphic designer that is also an amazing web programmer and web designer. That combination is very rare in this business. It’s not normal to find someone that can have the technical/analytical mind to program a website (the right way) and also a keen eye for aesthetics, design, color and layout. That’s like finding platinum and diamond encrusted four leaf clovers. Not only is he talented and also a fine artist. But he has a personality that is inviting and the social presence of an a-list entertainer. All still very hard to find in one person. He is a great business person, extremely detailed and one of the most honest people I know. All of these qualities make for an incredible business partner and friend.

As you can see 41year is so much more than a company, a partnership or a design studio. It’s also friendship, a trust, and a combination of what we believe to be the best in Northwest Indiana (yup, we said it). Our passion and creative thinking as well as our (41) years of experience is what we bring to the table.

We “know”, without a doubt, idea of combining our talents into a nimble, fresh and competitive studio is at our core. We believe that we can make a measurable difference in the companies we serve both locally and nationally with superior quality and service. We are deeply rooted in a philosophy that, amazing creative along with a strong vision can achieve earth moving results.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but it’s only the start. It’s all open roads ahead of us; we have a full tank, ready or not – here we come!

Continue the conversation and follow us on twitter @41year. Also bookmark (updates to come). For inquires and comments,

To learn more about Atom and to view samples of his work visit,


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