History book update: 100+

reat ideas take time and hard work, one I have – one I don’t. The clocks’ a tickn’ and my deadline is getting closer and closer but, I have been working hard and I’ve managed to crack the 100 page mark three days faster than what my schedule allows for. That’s the good news The bad news is that I’m only one fourth of the way done. Its been a very smooth process so far. Our image bank is incredibly organized and the images have been a blast to work with. There is such great character in these old images that you can’t get from a digital photo of today.

As of now there is 283 photos in the book and much more to come. The end pages alone that used anywhere from 40 to 60 photos and I plan that this book will be no different. There is more than 200 quotes that I’ve formatted and set off to showcase the person giving the quote. And the time-line worked out to be one of my favorites so far.

I need to keep up this current pace to meet our deadline so the the fire is going to be hot as I try to stay on track. I’ve been able to stay focused with the help of music. I have an amazing playlist of songs that range from R&B, Rap, Techno, Rock, and even classical. Some days I listen to nothing but one type of music and other days it’s all over the place and some days its the same song over and over again. It all depends on the mood I’m in and what sparks the most creativity.

Check back for more pages from the book until then here are a couple spreads to give you a sneak peak of the book.


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