Making History

This is where I'll be spending the next three months, my office. I love this fish eye lens.

ntil you’ve run a marathon  you can’t truly appreciate the art of running. This week marked the beginning of the design and production process of the St. Mary Medical Center hospital history book. It’s not every day that I get the task of designing a beautiful 9″x12″ hard bound coffee table style book. My last two books that I designed were the Community Hospital – An Impossible Dream and the St. Catherine Hospital – A Family history books. Both came with their challenges – good and bad. This book has already started off on an interesting path, from the first day (this past Monday) it started off amazing. I got on top of it, as soon as it hit my desk, I was all over it. I knocked out the time line and came up with a game plan tackle this girl. I plan on averaging ten pages a day which will include changes and daily revisions of the work that I did on the previous day. The process is long and time line is very aggressive. This book isn’t just coping and pasting text into a text box and placing a few images. I wish it was that easy. Thanks to Debra Jenkins over at St. Mary’s all of our photos are labeled and organized better than the card catalog in a library.

Since we are talking about photos – there are over 450+ photos that need to be included in this book, everything from old newspaper clippings to copies of journals written by nuns more than 80 years ago. Each photo will need at least something done to it, from retouching to cropping the photo portion of this project is a project in itself. Thanks to Debra this job will be slightly easier for me to do. Add the 450+ photos and the 480 pages and we have ourselves a start to an elephant of a project. The challenging thing about the content is that I have to fit all of this in to a book with 416 pages, which is a bit less considering the index isn’t included in this count. How do you get 480 pages and 450+ photos into a book with only 416 pages? I let you know when I’m done. It should be fun considering that I have to finish my portion of the project by July sometime.

I’ll continue posting my progress on the project once a week. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.


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