The List…

I’ve started this list to catalog the weird stuff that has happened to me this year and could turn into a cool book. What that was, is not the issue, but it did open my eyes to the things that were happening around me that I never really noticed. Don’t waste your time reading this, it’s just something I want to catalog and keep running throughout this year and maybe years to come.

Without further a due, here is the list of things that I’ve never see before in my life or things that I thought were non-existent.

1. Double Rainbow: Coming home from work one day and it was raining heading east and the largest rainbow I’ve ever seen appeared as bright as day. So what makes this interesting is that there were two rainbows one on top of the other. Amazing what God can do!

2. Female Pizza Delivery Person: I love pizza, I’ve eaten pizza my whole life and never in my 31 years of professional pizza eating have I had a female pizza delivery person. It was jolting to open the door and not see the creepy, 40 year-old dude with a week of beard growth and dirty sauce-stained paints standing there holding the food that I was going to eat. Refreshing yes, did the pizza taste the same, questionable. It’s like going to get your oil changed and everyone is wearing white tuxedos.

3. RC: For us non-drinking RC enthusiast, it’s also known as Royal Crown. I didn’t know people still drank that stuff. I remember as a kid getting it with our …pizza… but I thought Coke and Pepsi killed that stuff. Sometimes it taste better with a tacos, salsa and rice. Yikes!

4. Punctuation in a License Plate: Driving down the road one day, I pull up next to this prime and proper looking Mercedes with a very attractive young lady driving it. Nothing special, but as she drove away, I couldn’t help but notice that her license plate read: BBUT,DADDY. There was a freakn’ comma on the plate. It was clear as day. Very strange, but cool.

I don’t have any pictures for this stuff, but as the list grows I’ll be sure to add images as I can get them. Check back often to see what else makes the list.


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