Good. Better. Best.

recently had a great discussion with my mentor and he spoke about the value he puts into his time. Something (time) we both cherish. I’ve written about time and time management before on and after a deep evaluation of my time, I’ve decide to make some changes in my life. The idea of good, better, best, works like this. In everything I do, from my activities and interest to the people I spend my time with I’ll ask myself… “Is this a good use of my time, a better use of my time or the best use of my time? What I consider to be the best use of my time, would be my time spent in prayer with God and my time with my family. Nothing could get better than that. As situations present themselves I’ve come to the decision to put that situation to the test of, good, better, best.

On Wed., April 21, 2010, I’ll be closing and shutting down 13lisas, is my limited edition t-shirt brand and it will no longer be in operation. The concept and adventure of bring it to life was fulfilled on my end and moving forward I’ve placed this in the realms of a Good use of my time. After April 21, the site will be taken off line and the apparel will no longer be for sale. This is not a sales pitch, but if you were thinking of buying one – now is the time to do it.

I’ll also no longer teach after this semester. I am truly grateful for the chance to teach and to share my gift. But as I evaluate that situation, I find spending time with my family to be more important and teaching drastically takes away from that. Nothing is worse than not seeing your children and wife for an entire day, then multiply that by 2 and it makes for a horrible week. It has always been a lifelong dream to teach and someday I’ll do it again. I think that it’s a wonderful thing to do and it will always be high on the list to continue in the future.

Some of my greatest joys these past few years have been with freelancing. The opportunity to take someone’s business, organization or event to the next level has always given me great satisfaction. Moving forward, I’ll continue to freelance but on an extremely limited basis. I currently work on at least 2-5 projects at a time and I told myself I would only take on one project at a time this year. As I clear the slate I’m going to hold myself to it. It is very time consuming and it means more to me to spend that mental time with my wife and kids. Even though I’m not working on a project, I’m always thinking of the project and how to tackle the project from different angles. This isn’t fair to my family and friends to be so distracted.

With this new evaluation of my time, I may be distant or not involved. I plan on shutting down my social networking accounts as well. My online life is just as consuming/distracting as my offline activities. And really are they really a good use, better use, or best use of my time? I feel extremely relieved of this new outlook on life. I’m looking forward to strengthen relationships with friends and family and a renewed look at design. This may be a drastic change for some but it comes a point in one’s life that you have to make a decision to change. I’ve been blessed with opportunities that people would die for and I look forward to the new opportunities to come.


3 thoughts on “Good. Better. Best.

  1. Wow Joe,

    This is a GREAT post. I am sure there are TONS of designers and freelancers out there that can relate to this. I know I certainly can. I think you hit the nail on the head. This will certainly be on my mind for the next few days as well. I admire your work, and work ethic with the amount of things you have been able to accomplish over the past few years. Another thing to think about as far as your freelancing goes. Once you are only working on one project at a time, it will allow you to better devote your attention to that project. I find that when I have too many projects in the air, I cannot give one my undivided attention like I should. I commend you for your ability to evaluate your life and make changes.

  2. I’ve dug your work for as long as I’ve seen it around. You don’t become a strong designer without putting in the time to hone your skills. I understand taking a step back and have marveled at all the projects you have your hands in while having a family to boot.

    I recently re-evaluated my freelance schedule as well. I came to the same conclusion. I will be much more choosy about how I spend the small amount of free time I have. If it’s spent on design, it will be spent sparingly on projects I am passionate about. I WILL LEARN TO SAY NO.

    So, what this post was meant to say: My hat is off to you, sir. Best of luck in all you do. I’m sure you’ll do marvelously and I’ll continue to follow your work.


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