PSW – Day 1 Recap and Day 2 adventures

ay 1 ended on a high note with some great tips and tons of notes to go through when I get home. Tons of photographers here but its cool to learn something new and see things from a photographers point of view.

The first day started off with a “rock” concert with the leaders of the photoshop community (napp) dressed as the rock band kiss (full make-up and all). Pretty comical and a nice way to get the 2,800+ Ps geeks going – me included. I sang that dang song all day. After that we hit up some classes and then went to the exhibitors expo. I got to see some really cool software that would make my life a whole lot easier as well as some really cool products that I want my clients to use. I got to play & droll over a Wacom screens. That ended day one with some good food and lots of new things that I learned. Day two started off good. Woke up a little late but it didn’t matter. I made it in line for tickets to midnight madness, an event that Napp puts on where they do crazy stuff and have fun on the second day. Day two came with its ups and downs. Some of the classes were really informative and some were down right basic level classes.

That afternoon me and levi had some fun shooting some video on his 5D. We made some crazy stuff and if you play it in reverse looks like he has some crazy super human powers. (I’ll post it once he cuts it and uploads it to youtube. Craig has also been capturing a lot of footage and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. That post is to yet to come. For now you can check out some pictures below. I’ll be posting another PSW related post with some tips and tricks that I learned here so you won’t want to miss that.

Conference workbook

Keynote Address/PSW opening

waiting in line to check-in

my in the room

my in the room

We are up and flying

The Rosen Center Hotel

Expo Center

Craig Arnold & Levi


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