Photoshop World Conference – Day 1

et the madness begin! Last night I arrived in Orlando, FL for the Photoshop World Conference and boy was it good to get off the plane. Sitting next to an extra-large man gave me visions of edit>transform>scale. Its kind of gross getting sweated on by an overgrown man-child. But lets move on. I had a great conversation though with my good friend and creative prodigy @Levi_Arnold of Open Fire Media. I’m also joined by my mentor and good friend Craig Arnold of Allema. Craig has taken me under his wing again and brought me to this conference and for this I am extremely thankful.

Today is going to be filled with tons of sessions and great info. I’ve noticed on twitter that it is mostly photographers here and I’m still in search for a designer or two out there. Last night I put up a flag and only got one response from a great illustrator with some made skills, @joshalves. He also noted the large pool of “shooters” as he so eloquently put it. I’m hoping to network with him as well as other designer like folks throughout my time here.

Today’s keynote speech should help set the stage for what we have in store as well as give us some insight into Photoshop CS5. I’m eager to see what new features it has and if it worth upgrading to . It will also be interesting to hear the feed back from the masses of advanced users that are here.

Levi and I are planing on streaming a video one day while we are here with Ustream , a live video stream and give our thoughts on how the conference is going and what new and exciting things are happing in the world of Ps. So be on the look out for that link.

Well its 6 am and I’m off to the gym. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my Day 2 post and Day on recap.


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