Dirty Love


irty love? That is what you get when you mix a superstar rock band and cupids big day. The Dirty Rooks album release party is February 14 at 8:00 pm, 1o bucks in advance and 12 smackers at the door at Lincoln Hall, {BUY TICKETS}. Performing along with the rooks will be Jon Langford and Delta Routine. I’ve been a long time fan of the Dirty Rooks and their music does not disappoint, you’ll leave with a smile on your face and singing their songs until you pass out from a drunkn’ night of rock solid partyn’. Spend your Valentines Day with some great music and a ton of fun check out some reasons why: (from Tawny of GirlShy)

Why go to a rock show on Valentine’s Day? Because it’s romantic//typical vday plans are lame.

How did you convince local legend Jon Langford to be seen with you guys? He believes in us//Lots of hard ciders.

Lincoln Hall eh? Nice spot. How’d you get them to book you? We’re really popular// er, they really dig our sound- no//uh… //Langford. Yep. Just… pretty much, because we have Langford.

Golly I’m excited!$@!? WhereWHENHowMUCH? I know. It’ll be okay. Just get there.

The Dirty Rooks are bringing their communal Mad Dogs and Englishman-style booze-rock to Lincoln Hall. Along with all the classic tools of rock and roll, the 13 piece band features a screaming horn section, honky-tonk piano, and the bellowing sounds of a Hammond B3.

“The Dirty Rooks burrow themselves underneath your nails, along with the dirt and scum and filth of the city streets. And they’re good…rock n’ roll hasn’t been this drunk in a while.” Tom Lynch, Newcity (source: Lincoln Hall)


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