ype has become a newly sparked passion of mine. I recently saw the movie Typeface with a few friends of mine and it really hit home the endless possibilities of type as a form and as a functional element in my visual communication. About  5 years ago I was trying to figure out what type combination worked together. I wanted to mix a serif and san serif face in the same piece and wasn’t sure the “rules” per say. Now a days there are tons of sites and resources on the web that have really good information. I wish the importance of type would have been pushed more when I was in school. It has become a adventurous road learning and working with type and how it communicates different messages ans meaning. I’ve been a huge fan of hand written type, maybe because my hand writing is crap and actually creating type takes patients and practice. I’m just rambling now but I wanted to give credit to the amazing drop cap that is featured in this post. Its by Jessica Hishe (which I have a huge internet crush on, but that is creepy) She is a great designer as well as a super talented illustrator. I’m now thinking of making all my future post start off with one of her many drop caps, I even had to rethink the way I started this post in order to use this beautiful “T”. Please check out her site when you are done here. Thanks~


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