New Project: Willow Creek Association’s – 2010 Leadership Summit

I’m super excited to be working on such a cool project. I’ve been selected to create the brand identity for Willow Creek Association’s 2010 Leadership Summit.

With more than 100,000 people attending this two-day event in 140 cities across North America and around the world, The Leadership Summit has become more than a solitary event on the calendar: it is a perpetual movement of men and women whose relentless global mission is to develop authentic leaders for the sake of the local church and their communities. This rich expanse reflects incredible cultural diversity and racial heritage, and does not dilute in the face of tough economic times.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have the opportunity to work on the largest Christan conference in the world. It’s for a great cause and its something that has personally effected my life. This past summit was my first and it was eye opening, powerful and emotional. It changed the way I think about everyday life and what I can do to make a difference – in my family, my career and for others. Since the summit I’ve began to read more, connect with my faith, and learned to help others in ways that I can’t explain.

So to be chosen to work on this project shows the power of what you can do if you work hard and put yourself in the position to be open to opportunities. God puts people in our lives for a reason we all need to be conscious of that and take advantage of what comes your way.

They contacted me because they wanted a new direction visually with the event materials and something that portrayed the global aspect of the conference better. They saw the logo I did for The Centennial Park in Munster and from there they gave me the direction of a world map made up of icons that represented the mission of the summit. Below is an early mock up of what that could potentially look like. A final version is in the works this was used to show the visual direction of creating a world map out of icons.


Check out this years event here: The Leadership Summit Website Speakers included:

Tony Blair |  Dave Gibbons |  David Gergen |  Bono |  Dan Heath |  Chip Heath |  Wess Stafford |  Andrew Rugasira

Sign up for the 2010 event! Click here


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