hangn’ with the best

Big Book of Illustrators (recap)

I recently received my copy of the Big Book of Contemporary Illustrators and boy was I impressed. The quality of Illustrators in this book is outstanding. Martin and his team did a great job finding illustrators all over the world. And out of all of these extremely talented illustrators my work was picked for the cover…WOW! I’m very grateful for this opportunity and congratulate all those that were selected in this book.

Here are some more images from the book.





Here are some of the folks that I share some page space with:

Pulcomayo – www.pulcomayo.com

Derek Bender –www.derekbender.com

Roberto Marras –www.robertomarras.com

Sorin Bechira –www.bechia.com

Frances Beale –www.francesbeale.com

Nik Ainley –www.shinybinary.com

Edward Nugent

Dominic Witter – www.unfold-design.com

2 thoughts on “hangn’ with the best

  1. Trying to find the right Joseph Gonzales for a piece called Striped Robe 1988. I am trying to learn more about the piece and perhaps a value

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