Making History


Four months and 416 pages later, I am happy to say that the St. Catherine History Book has just came in from Korea and it looks great! St. Catherine Hospital – A Family by Author Jane Bomberger is our second completed book to date. We have one more to complete for St. Mary Medical Center. This book marks my third published book and my largest project to date.

I designed this book from cover to cover, the nearly two inch thick, 9″x12″, perfect bound, hard cover, coffee table book is great for a paper weight (6.3 lbs) but also a design delight. It also comes with a dvd of photos to add to the more than 900 photos already included in the book (which 80% of those were retouched by me). Each page was designed and no two pages are alike. The book boast a painstakingly detailed time line that took more than a week to complete. There are many design gems throughout the book. The cover and other design elements are consistent with the Community Hospital history book which I was recognized (read The Times article) in the Graphic Design USA In-house Design Annual for. When all three books are done with will make a complete set.

A special thanks goes to Carl Heule and his staff at HeuleGordon for the print management of this book.

August 26, 2009 will mark my second book signing and first first for this book. The event is by invitation only from 2 to 6pm. I’ll post pictures after the event to this blog. In the mean time here are some shots below.


Far left: Author Jane Bomberger and I in a secret office signing books for the St. Catherine Hospital Executive Board

{Left to right} Donna Habel, Jane Bomberger and me, Dona was our key point person and avid historian

{Left to right} Donna Habel, Jane Bomberger and me, Dona was our key point person and avid historian.

To order your copy or to learn more about St. Catherine Hospital visit these links: and


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