IDC: Speard the Word Contest

Twitter_Spread the word

Let others know about the Insight Design Conference and 3 people each week can WIN FREE ADMISSION to the conference.

Let others know what you already know and help spread the word about the Insight Design Conference taking place July 31, 2009 at Faith Church in Dyer, IN. It’s easy and it only takes a few clicks plus a moment of your time.

Here is how to participate:
Step 1
Follow us on Twitter – @InSightConfNWI
(You’ll need to create an account if you already don’t have one: sign up here).
Step 2
Post a link to the IDC website along with a brief description on a/your blog, as a tweet, in a chat room, on a discussion board, or any other social media network.
Step 3
Direct message @InSightConfNWI on Twitter with a link to the posting.

That’s it!! Spread the word and each week (Monday-Friday – ends 11:59 pm Friday night).

The top 3 people that spreads the word the most will win FREE admission to the IDC.

1. The most you can post to the same site, is (3) three times per day.

2. In the event of a tie both people will be winners. Meaning if the third and fourth place people both posted 25 times over the week, then they will both win free admission.


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