OMG It Even Has a Watermark (Again)

it even has a watermark


I love checking out where I get traffic to and from my site and OMG It Even Has A Watermark is at the top of the list this week. Thanks to the showcase of my new cards on their site. OMG is a great resource of inspiration just for business cards. There are many blogs out there that have card showcases but this site is focused just on that subject. Browse through the cards by the cards color or by features/characteristics. One thing has changed since the last time my other cards were featured on the site and that’s the amount of advertising that is on the site. It’s not to bad but noticeable. I don’t believe in sites like this – where the content is made up by its’ users – but this one is an exception to me. Its done well and the quality of showcases are all top notch and above the standards. Check out the site and leave a comment and let people know that they are doing a good job.


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