Keeping it All in Order


Being organized is one of the many key of keeping it all together. I tend to write everything down and keep a list. (My wife wishes I’d do that with my house work). But professionally keeping it all in one place helps me prioritize my projects and time. As I get older and wiser my time has become one of the most valuable things to me. Time with my kids, time sleeping or lack of, time it takes me to write this post, all of it is accounted for and nothing is more important (at times) then time.

With so many on-line communities and social networks who has the time to put into them? I’ve been trying to devote a bit more time to these bandwagon forms of communication but it’s just not catching on. Most feel redundant as silly at best. For example buttons and bummer stickers on facebook. Between updating profiles, sending messages, reading tweets, finding friends it’s all a bit exhausting. So I’m going to clean house and get rid of the madness.

Over then next month or so I’m going to put in a decent amount of effort to make the most of these sites, and after that time I’m going to keep two networks and keep them separate. One for friends and one for business contacts/networking. 

Here is what I’m working with:

Follow me on Twitter:

Friends find me on Facebook: here

I’ve left MySpacebut have a whirl:

If your cool enough, connect with me on Behance:

Creatives crave DesignRelated:

Link up with me on LinkedIn

I also frequent, youtube, allmightys and craigslist and hulu.

I’ve altered the above icon original by Jonas Rask Design:


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