Unless we remember, we can understand

M21 2009 cards

Making a memorable first impression is key to anything in life. It could be meeting a person for the first time or releasing your first single. Unless we remember, we can’t understand…that phrase speaks volumes. Which helped me fight through the process of my new business cards. Settling on one card design is like picking your favorite piece of candy at the candy store, it just impossible. If you are like me…then you want it all. I’ve designed 10 different backs for my new cards, giving me a variety to choose from, what might be right to hand to a potential client may not be right to hand to another designer. This randoness also reflects my philospy that design should submit to the message it trying to convey, it shouldn’t overpower.

These cards were printed by Largus Printing in Munster, IN on 130# double cover stock with a metallic ink. The edges are gilded with neon yellow. The one color design is simple, memorable and “won’t hold a cress.”

Guilded edge

Want a good laugh check this out…


One thought on “Unless we remember, we can understand

  1. Joe, I love the design for your cards, and the color scheme with yellow sides is brilliant!!

    BTW – I saw that “your business card is crap” video recently on youtube. That guy is a pretty big cheeseball but I like his perspective on what a business card can do.

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