Cut It Out!

Competitor screens, some good some bad


This past Saturday  the guys and I went up to the Cut and Paste  event in Chicago at the Congress Theatre. I actually auditioned for the event but didn’t make the “cut”. The night was filled with good times, good friends and some good fun. The “concept” of Cut and Paste is pretty unique, competitors design something based off a topic and have 15 minutes to complete their design. Check out the event site. They even had an audience competition sponsored by DSL55, where attendees had a chance to experience the event from the hot seat. The task was to design a t-shirt for DSL55 in 15 minutes. Adam, Chase and myself each took a crack at it. After a few beers I had fun laughing at myself then designing. But overall the event was pretty cool. Hanging out with some good guys and learning the meaning of “fold it” was well worth the trip. lol. Plus we even helped some folks get out of a parking spot and meet a lady with some pink flamingo boots (only in Chicago).
{left to right} Justin Wolf, Chase Talon, Joe Gonzalez, Adam Groom

{left to right} Justin Wolf, Chase Talon, Joe Gonzalez, Adam Groom

Everyone has a movie star name except for me. lol.
Check us out here:
Justin Wolf:
Chase Talon:
Adam Groom:
Chase and Adam are also speakers at the upcoming Insight Design Conference.
Check out Cut and Paste below:

2 thoughts on “Cut It Out!

  1. Joe I honestly can not see how you didn’t get into this. Some of those designers were hacks. However the night was very entertaining. Nothing like Pink flamingo boots, Folding it and upfront curve parking.

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