Oscar Maddox one third of FamSquad
Oscar Maddox one third of FamSquadilliana

Photo by Phashii PaulinaFadrowska – Designed by Miracletwentyone


I usually don’t promote bands or acts on my blog but I’m making an exception. I was on Facebook a couple weeks ago when my friend Mike messaged me that he was talking to an old friend of ours and that he was a rapper now and doing music with this group FamSquad. My first thoughts was “yea yea, another wannabe rapper doing beats in their basement – small time!” So a few minutes later I got a message from Oscar Maddox and we messaged back and forth for an hour or so and to my surprise, he was the real deal, his group the FamSquad was really good. He sent me some links and I listened to a couple of songs and I was impressed. The Oscar I knew was a great ball player with long arms that used to dunk on me. (Not really, but he was highly capable, lol). So today I got there first album in the mail – The Rebirth. I remember the couple songs that I heard and was hoping that the cd had the same vibe, it was like when you go to the movies and see the preview for a new movie and then only show you the good parts…well I had some thoughts like that running through my head. The first track Where do we goreally sets the stage to what you’re going to get from this disc, soulful, classic, real hip-hop. The trio brings it, from first track to last its nothing but good music, great production, and masterful arrangement. The track Sugah is a classic radio hit for the ladies, something in the same vein as 50 cent’s or Fabulousalbum. Classic samples mixed with insane high hats and sick beats live all over this album. The Famsquad Anthem, is exactly what it says it is – an ANTHEM, this track is will make you move with it’s soulful course it’ll stick in your head all day. Famsquadis doing Chicago and Indiana proud, unlike most rap acts in these two areas, these guys got it right, a platinum selling main stream sound with an underground soul. One of the highlights of the album is the hidden or bonus tracks, Sacrifice will really make you think with the course asking: Would you sacrifice your life? To save a loved ones life, give up your light so theirs could shine bright? Followed by Fix her, with it’s Swiss Beats styled horns this track is another head sticker.

Check them out and pick up an album of your own. www.myspace.com/famsquadilliana

Production notes: Produced by Mikey rocks from the cool kids, Tony Baines, DJ Neumonic, Freekshow, Gats the Great, Kritikal and Cekin

Featuring  keever komplex, lototya singer, royce, d bluggs and chad steele


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