Under Construction


My website is under construction. That always sounded really dumb,” under construction”. How about “going back to the drawing board”, “baking some bread, be back soon”, “crafting the next revolution”, “exploring endless possibilities“.  Whatever you like, my site will be down for awhile. I have to think of some way of showcasing my work, with as little code as possible. I have no clue how to code a site so I’m looking into a couple ways to tackle that issue. Until then you can visit my site and check me out on some social networks or drop me an email.  Hope to be up and running soon.


One thought on “Under Construction

  1. Sup Joe!

    Hmmm redesign, exciting man. I am sure you’ll come up with something rad.
    Let me know if you need a coding hand to help you with your new venture.

    All the best,

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